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Keratin Treatment & Hair Botox info

How long do the treatments last?

The Keratin Treatment will last for 3-6 months and the Hair Botox will last 3-5 months.

Do I need to be patch tested?

Although the product doesn't touch the scalp on either treatment we do require you to come in for a consultation where we can have a chat about what you can expect and the benefits of the treatment for you. A tiny bit of the product will get applied behind your ear to make sure you have no allergies to it and a strand test will get done for the Keratin Treatment. 

Consultations for the Hair Botox are free. Consultations for the Keratin Treatment are £20 which will come off the price of your treatment. 

How long does it take to have done?

The timing of the treatments will vary depending on length and thickness but approximately 3 hours for Hair Botox and 4 hours for Keratin Treatment.

What is the difference between Keratin Treatment and Hair Botox?

The biggest difference is that Hair Botox is not a straightening treatment. 

Hair Botox is a deep conditioning treatment that works from within your hair strands to restore and reconstruct your hair. The anti-ageing effects of the Hair Botox treatment fill in gaps within the hair fibres to leave a silky, shiny and more youthful looking appearance. 

Hair Botox is perfect for people with dry, damaged, frizzy, lifeless hair who wants smoother, glossy and frizz free hair.

The Keratin Treatment is stronger than the Hair Botox and is perfect for people with thick, curly hair who want it straighter, smooth and frizz free.

TIp- If you are having thew Hair Botox treatment, make sure you are not going to an event that night. Your hair will likely feel heavier with the product until the 24hour later wash. 

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